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We are offering a $20.00 discount on your next Reiki Session, Biomat Infused Reiki Session or Crystal Healing Release Therapy, for any referrals scheduling appointments for our Reiki Services.
Our way of saying THANK YOU, for your patronage!!!

Some of Our Services: 

We are pleased to announce we now have Crystal Light Therapy!! 

A Crystal Light Bed with PUREWAVE® technology has 7 extremely clear and highly polished Vogel hand cut quartz crystals suspended approximately 12 inches above the client. Each crystal has been hand cut to a specific frequency and is aligned above one of the seven energy centers or chakras.

Colored lights, chosen to match the frequency of the chakra                                                                    colors, radiate PureWave® LED light and energy through the                                                                    crystals to each respective chakra. These LED lights shine on the                                                            client’s body to cleanse, balance, and align the energy.

                                                     The client lies face up with eyes closed and bathes in that energy.

                                                     It is safe and used by doctors and therapists in dedicated health                                                              centers and clinics throughout the world.

Crystal Light Therapy Services:

Crystal Light Therapy 

Only:                                          60 Minutes $80.00

                                                   30 Minutes $60.00

Crystal Light Therapy 

with BioMat:                             60 Minutes $100.00

                                                   30 Minutes $80.00

Crystal Light Therapy 

with Reiki:                                 60 Minutes $120.00

                                                   30 Minutes $100.00

Crystal Light Therapy

With BioMat and Reiki:            60 Minutes $150.00

                                                   30 Minutes $120.00

Watch the video below and see what a Crystal Light Therapy session is all about! 


~Is NOW home to the BioMat 7000~

We have acquired a state of the art holistic healing tool, approved by the FDA as a medical device.
We will add this device to our already existing services as an additional option on your Reiki menu. 

***UHH offers anyone with a fixed income such as social security or disability as well as our senior citizens and veterans a reduced rate on our services. Please call for more information, 732.571.5011***

Bio-Mat infused Reiki

Bio-Mat Basics – The Trilogy

The Bio-Mat’s state of the art technology synergizes three components, offering a unique combination of therapeutic applications to support both your body and mind on the path to a higher level of well-being.
• Negative Ion generation. Negative ions open ion channels that optimize cellular communication and support all bodily functions in working better. Ionization of the body alkalizes and purifies the blood, charges the immune system, and supplies antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.

• Far Infrared Light generation (FIR): FIR is nature’s most healing light. FIR helps the nervous system relax. FIR’s radiant heat and light penetrate 5 to 7 inches into the body, allowing for deep muscle and tissue therapy while soothing nerves, increasing circulation, assisting in detoxification, reducing pain and stress, and balancing hormone

• Amethyst Crystals: Amethyst is a superconductor crystal. It delivers the steadiest, most absorbable, long wave Far Infrared Rays for healing. Amethyst is known to increase stamina and endurance, support deep meditation, is useful for emotional balancing, and enhancing intuition. Amethyst has been shown to be supportive of the body’s ability to release addiction and transform lower vibrations into higher resonance
The Bio-Mat is approved by the FDA as a medical device (#9056316). Please wear cotton clothing, avoid polyester and any other synthetic materials, as they counteract the negative ions with positive ions.

1 hour session $100.00

Crystal Healing Release Therapy

Crystal Healing dates back 6000 years to the time of the Sumerian and Mesopotamian civilization. The Eastern Cultures, such as Hindus and Buddhists believe the Chakra’s respond to Crystals for optimum healing benefits.
You will be laying on a Bio-mat filled with over 28 lbs of Amethyst Crystals, and according to your needs additional Crystals will be placed on your Chakras for specifically intended healing purposes.
“The FDA licensed Bio-Mat combine’s state of the art Far Infrared Light Technology with the healing power of certified Amethyst Crystals. This healing device was created by NASA with purpose of cellular rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.”

1 hour session $120.00

Traditional Reiki Session    $35 per 1/2 hr
                                              $65 per hr

 Reiki is a Japanese name consisting of two words, Rei and Ki. This word translates to "universal life energy". An energy which animates us all and is found all around us. Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive energy therapy that helps to balance body, mind and spirit. During a Traditional Reiki Session the client will lie on a Reiki table fully clothed. The practitioner will follow standard hand positions to help alleviate pain, stress, depression and anxiety related to many ailments or disease. Reiki is a very relaxing and soothing experience and should always be used in conjunction with traditional medicines. To set up an appointment please call 732.571.5011 or 732.996.9603.

Reiki Reading $120 
During a Reiki Reading Tanja will connect with Spirit on behalf of the client, with granted permission from the client and will receive any messages/healing/knowledge necessary for the empowerment of her client. To set up an appointment please call 732.571.5011 or 732.996.9603. 

Animal Reiki   $60 
Animals experience pain, discomfort, anxiety and other ailments just as humans do. Reiki can alleviate these symptoms, relax and help your pet heal! Animals are extremely receptive to energy work because they are not bogged down with preconceived belief-systems. Open and honest, your pet receives Reiki in the manner in which it was intended. To set up an appointment please call 732.571.5011 or 732.996.9603.  

Past Life Retrieval  $120.00 
Our bodies are living libraries. Within us we carry all the information of the universe!!! Our cells carry data from every "life ever lived" and our DNA is the building block of our existence!!! Each of us is a vast vessel of information, ready to be tapped into. You hold within your cells all that you need to know.
Allow yourself to have these cellular memories retrieved in a personal Past Life Retrieval. Call for more details and to set up an appointment at 732.996.9603

"Reiki Psychic Surgery" $100.00
Psychic Surgery performed by a certified Reiki Master is a totally NON-INVASIVE technique to address and remove deep rooted blocks of negative energy, that have manifested in the physical body in the form of disease, depression, and or chronic pain. During the session the client is encouraged to deal with and heal/release any physical, mental or emotional health problems. Allowing the physical, emotional and spirit bodies to work in optimal harmony as ONE!!!! 
1 hour session. Please call 732.571.5011 or 732.996.9603 to set up an appointment. 

Pre-Op and Post-Op Reiki
Current and ongoing research shows that patients who prepare for surgery with Reiki and follow up with Reiki after surgery experience the following:
* Fewer complications
* Less anxiety
* Require less sedation/ less reaction after surgery (nausea, vomiting)
* Reduces blood loss during surgery
* Lessens pain
* Patients have an easier time releasing the anesthesia
* Decreased length of stay
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, NY formed a center to do research and inform patients about alternative therapies. Reiki can ease the patients before surgery and help in the healing process after. For more details on this service please reach out to our Reiki Practitioner and we will be happy to answer any questions or inquiry!! 732.571.5011 or 732.996.9603

Reiki Classes

Reiki I  $165 full day (10-5)
- origins and history of Reiki
   - hand positions
   - how to perform a full body session
   - hands-on practicum
   - 2 attunements
   - certificate for Level I

Reiki II $200 full day (10-5)
- advancing to Level II and the enhanced expansion and
      understanding of the practice.
- learning how to break-up blockages
- how to conduct a Reiki shower, scanning and how to send distant
- clearing your space, your client and yourself
- 2 attunements
- certificate for Level II

Reiki III Advanced Reiki Training  $300 full day (10-5)
- advancing to Level III and the enhanced expansion and  
      understanding of the practice.
    - will learn the Usui Master Symbols
    - how to create a Reiki Grid
    - how to conduct psychic surgery
    - learn the Reiki Moving Meditation
    - pre-operative and post-operative techniques
    - 2 attunements
    - certificate for Level III

Reiki Master/ Teacher   $500 3 days (10-5)
- one-on-one with teacher
- completed requirements (discussed during Reiki III )
     - discuss the responsibilities of becoming a master/teacher
     - learn Master Symbols, their meaning and usage
     - learn how to teach others
     - learn self-attunement, healing attunement and student attunement
on all levels
     - 2 attunements
     - attunement practicum
     - certificate for Master/Teacher Level

Non-Denominational Life-Affirming Rituals    (call for rates)

    Weddings, Civil-Unions, Baby Blessings, House Blessings, Hand-
                 Fastings, Re-Commitments and Life-Passings.

298 Branchport Avenue Long Branch NJ 07740