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298 Branchport Ave.
Long Branch, NJ!!!
We here at U.H.H. have based our way of healing on the concept of community.  We, as a community, have the ability within each of us to heal ourselves and others with compassion, love, fellowship and acceptance… understanding that we each bring tremendous gifts to this planet; ourselves.  As unique and different as we are from each other, we are all the same, searching and longing for love, compassion, fellowship and acceptance. 

      Unity Healing House is a community of teachers and students who together in a combined effort, empower ourselves to reach our highest healing potential. Through classes, workshops and events such as Reiki, Yoga, Crystal Bowls, Drumming, Earth-Centered Rituals, Book Study, and much more!.. We empower ourselves with tools for healing on the physical and spiritual level.   
      "When we come together as a community we channel our energy and raise our vibrations in magnitude. Therefore, creating a healing vortex where healing can reach levels of unimaginable heights."

Office Hours: 
By Appointment Only
We are open for Special Events, Workshops, Reiki Classes & Private Reiki Sessions by reservation only.

We are the home of Stella Lu Yoga
"StellaLu Yoga" with Erica Martino
Please bring a mat and wear comfortable clothing.
Please notify the instructor before class if you are pregnant.
Please reserve early due to limited space 732-865-4800 or Erica.stackhouse@gmail.com- $15.00 per class
Find us on FACEBOOK “StellaLu Yoga at UHH”
Here are some of the great benefits of yoga:
1.      Increases flexibility
2.      Reduces stress
3.      Builds strength
4.      Creates muscle tone
5.      Prevents pain
6.      Improves posture
7.      Calms the mind
8.      Creates body awareness
9.      Promotes weight loss
10.    Promotes hormone balance
11.    Helps the immune system and circulatory system
12.    Helps depression
13.    Deepens the connection with your spirit
These are some things to know before you come to the studio
  • Please turn off or silence your phones at the studio.
  • Please do not apply perfume or lotions just prior to class. Some students have odor sensitivities and/or allergies.
  • If you are late; don't worry, just be as quiet as possible entering the room.
  • Avoid eating a big meal before class
  • We provide you with props (blocks, blankets, straps). No need to bring unless you prefer your own
  • There is no judgment; just have fun!
Yoga Class Descriptions
In ALL of these classes we will be working on pranayama techniques (breath work), asanas (postures), a form of meditation and our chakra's (the 7 main energy centers) within our body!
 Weekly event                              Every Monday (7-8:15 pm) 
Candlelight Vinyasa Yoga
Escape from your day and enjoy the tranquility of Candlelight Yoga. Classes blend vinyasa movement with a focus on relaxing into the deepest layers of the body to return us to a place of release, surrender and calm. We like to throw in some challenging poses in this class; modifications are always encouraged so listen to what your body is telling you.

About Erica Martino

Erica has been practicing yoga for over eight years and has received her 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification in Padme Yoga at Blue Moon Yoga Studio, which includes the Hatha Yoga Style that stresses the importance of body, mind and spirit connection, and incorporates pranayama and the energy systems of the chakras. She teaches a gentle but challenging yoga style with true pureness, relaxation and spirituality! Erica truly believes that yoga is for everyone and everyBODY. She wants to share the gift of yoga to everyone in her path to remind people that we are all one with the universe- OM. Practicing yoga is a process, it's not about getting poses perfect it's about being sensitive to your body and being quiet enough to hear your inner voice and honoring your body at all times! Erica is also certified in Reiki I and is in the process of studying Reiki II to deepen her knowledge on the energy within the body so she can incorporate her Reiki into her yoga classes! Om Shanti!

***You can now sign up for any of our events and workshops on Meetup.com! Join us there and get personalized emails about our events! It is free to join!***

Visit our sister site - www.songofavalon.vpweb.com

*February At A Glance*

Mon. Feb 1st - Readings with Sharon 1-5PM
                          Yoga with Erica 7-8:15PM

Tues. Feb 2nd - Rune Intensive 7-9PM

Wed. Feb. 3rd - Reiki Share 7-9PM

Thurs. Feb. 4th - Numerology with Ken Dawes 7-9PM

Fri. Feb. 5th - Chakra Balancing Crystal Bowls with
                          Carol and Bob Mason 7-9 PM

Mon. Feb. 8th - Yoga with Erica 7-8:15PM

Tues. Feb 9th - Make Your Cough Syrup 
                          with Tanja 7-9PM
Wed. Feb. 10th - Reiki Share 7-9PM

Thurs. Feb. 11th - Craft of the Wise 7-9PM

Fri. Feb. 12th - *NEW MONTHLY EVENT!!!*  Light                                            Language with Kate Montesano 7-9PM 

Sat. Feb. 13th - Bringers of the Dawn Book Study 2-4PM

Sun. Feb. 14th - Circle of Stones Gathering 10AM-12PM

Mon. Feb. 15th - Readings with Sharon 1-5PM
                             Yoga with Erica 7-8:15PM

Tues. Feb 16th - My Mother the Goddess - Reclaiming our
                             Birthright 7-9PM 

Web. Feb. 17th - Reiki Share 7-9PM

Thurs. Feb. 18th - The Druids 7-9PM

Fri. Feb. 19th - Shamanic Healings with Lynette 1-5
                           (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!)
                            The New "Hero's Journey" Through
                            Comic Book Mythology with 
                            Chris Peruzzi 7-9 PM 

Sat. Feb. 20th -  Readings with Lisa 1-5 PM
                             Crystal Bowls 7-9PM

Sun. Feb. 21st - Full Moon Circle 7-9 PM

Mon. Feb. 22nd - Readings with Sharon 1-5PM
                             Yoga with Erica 7-8:15PM

Tues. Feb. 23rd - Soul Drawings with Donna Russo 1-5PM
                               Medium Circle with Melanie 7-9PM

Wed. Feb. 24th -   Reiki Share 7-9PM

Thurs. Feb. 25th - Holistic Drumming 7-9PM

Fri. Feb. 26th -   Open Forum 7-9PM (RETURNING 

Sat. Feb 27th - Bringers of the Dawn Book study 2-4PM

Sun. Feb. 28th - Reiki I Class 10AM -5PM

Mon. Feb. 29th - Readings with Sharon 1-5PM
                             Yoga with Erica 7-8:15PM




February Calendar

Weekly Events:

Readings with Sharon 
1 to 5 PM 
February 1, 15, 22 and 29

Sharon comes from a family that included mediums, intuitives, clairvoyants and see-ers. She has been reading Tarot since she was fifteen. In a session, she may use cartomancy (such as Tarot, Lenormand, etc), Runes, psychometry (reading energy from an object such as a ring), information from Guides, Fae, or Loved Ones on the other side. She also can read a pet’s energy and connect to a deceased animal. Each session is unique to the person she is reading for. She especially loves helping people find their “soul purpose”. As a spiritual adviser, she can help seekers find, and travel along, a spiritual path. Sharon is an Elder in Song of Avalon Grove and an Interfaith Minister.

Reserve a spot or find out more by calling or texting 732.610.9676 or email sobrienchc@gmail.com. 
$45 for a 30 minute session.

Candlelight Vinyasa Yoga with Erica
Every Monday 7-8:15 pm 
Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Escape from your day and enjoy the tranquility of Candlelight Yoga. Classes blend vinyasa movement with a focus on relaxing into the deepest layers of the body to return us to a place of release, surrender and calm. We like to throw in some challenging poses in this class; modifications are always encouraged so listen to what your body is telling you.

Reiki Share
*Every Wednesday* 
Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 

All energy workers are welcome! Each Reiki Share includes discussion, meditation and giving-and-receiving of the energy. Please call 732.571.5011 or 732.996.9603.for reservations due to limited space.. $10

Book Study -
"Bringers of the Dawn"   by Barbara Marciniak

Feb. 13, 27  2-4PM

This bi-monthly book study will will help us understand the energies that are currently amplified on this planet. Compiled from over 400 hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniac, "Bringers of the Dawn", imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution.
 You must purchase the book on your own and we will meet twice a month, for discussions, evaluation and insights on this topic and it's implications. Cost....love offerings for UHH.

 "Creating your own Cough Syrup"
With Elder Tanja

Feb 9, 7-9PM

How would you feel if you could soothe your child's sore throat or your husband's nagging cough with medicine that you prepared with love and wholesome ingredients? Knowing that what you put into your loved ones body comes from Natures own medicine cabinet. In this workshop you will learn which herb to use for specific ailments and how to blend them with natures own ingredients to create a holistic and safe alternative to over the counter or prescription drugs. Please bring pen and journal. This event fills up quickly so please reserve early due to limited space.732.996.9603 or 732.571.5011                                               $25.00 includes materials

Song of Avalon Presents: Craft of the Wise
With Elder Sharon
Feb 11, 7-9PM

The traditions of the Wise Woman/Man are found in mostly every culture. They date back through time to the earliest of our Ancestors. These practices are very much alive today in modern Pagans, Witches, Shamans, Energy Workers, and so on. This ongoing series of workshops will teach you the ways of the Wise Woman and the Hedgewitch. It will explore the spiritual aspects of Paganism and Witchcraft as well as practical applications. Learn about different Pagan traditions, rituals, energy work, god/desses, spells and much, much more. Tap into the Ways of the Wise! 

Please reserve early due to limited space, call or text, 732.610.9676 or email sobrienchc@gmail.com $20.00

Light Language with Kate Montesano
Feb 12, 7-9PM

Light Language is channeled sound and light that can heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is an energy activation through sound vibrations and code spoken in very rapid frequencies which will activate soul memory. The soul recognizes the sound and messages and: 
-Restructures the energy circuits of the body
-Clears karmic energy distortion
-Recodes the DNA to activate a process of regenesis
As the earth advances to a fifth dimensional energy pattern, Light Language will prepare us for the energy vibration and so too will we evolve. This work begins a process that prepares people as quickly as possible to hold a higher dimensional light. Reserve early due to limited space - Call 732.571.5011, or find us on Meetup.com   $20 

Song of Avalon Presents:Circle of Stones Gathering 
Feb 14, 10AM to 12PM

Our Grove, Song of Avalon and it's members will gather for this monthly event, to come together as a spiritual community to honor our Pagan Path, the Ancestors, deities and to address, personal, local and global issues in ritual. We will congregate for healing work, to celebrate, to pray and manifest and to revel in each others energy! Please bring a SMALL dish to share to commence with the traditional "Breaking of Bread" to solidify any spiritual workings. FREE EVENT - But we would appreciate any Love Donations for Unity Healing House. 732.571.5011 or find us on Meetup.com

  “My Mother the Goddess”
           Reclaiming Your Birthright
Feb. 16, 7-9PM                                                                        
 What happened to our connection to "The Great Mother"? Why do we have this inherent NEED to call out to our mothers when we are in pain, sorrow or desperate need? Is this our earthly mothers we call to….or a deep and ancient longing for the ALL Mother….something so deep and primal that is carried within our soul?
Throughout centuries and numerous cultures Goddess worship has been an ancient practice, that dates back to Paleolithic times. Let us go back in time to revisit this ancient way of worship and find out how it vanished from culture to culture. Can we reconnect to our "sacred feminine" and how? We will explore, discuss and teach you tools to connect with your inner Goddess, and once again stand within our own power that has been passed to us through millennia….our “birthright”!!

 Please bring pen and journal. Reserve early due to limited space. 732.996.9603 or 732.571.5011

      Song of Avalon Presents:  Druids
With Elder Sharon

Feb 18, 7-9 PM

There is so much mystery surrounding the Druids - and much misinformation. This series will discuss the Druids of the past and how modern Druids practice as well as exploring the paths, techniques and symbolism. It will look at myths and reality while exploring the beliefs and traditions. Join us for a fun and informative evening! Call or text 732.610.9676, or email sobrienchc@gmail.com. $20.00

Shamanic Healing Sessions with Lynette Wilson

Lynette Wilson is an established Reader, Healer and Energy worker. Lynette works with spirit to provide exactly what her clients need. Each session will be specific to each individual client. Lynette's strong connection to the spirit world is was guides her during each session. Please call to reserve a spot. 732.996.9603 Or 732.610.9676 .  Sessions are approximately 90 minutes.

The New "Hero's Journey" Through Comic Book Mythology
With Chris Peruzzi
Feb 19, 7-9PM 

This workshop examines the new American archetypes for our age – Comic Book Superheroes. In this workshop we will look at how today’s superheroes are the new myths for this country. Where the Greeks, Roman, Nordic, and Celtic legends have given us the gods and goddesses of yesterday, we in America have made our own for today. The course will look at the origin of comic book heroes, the hero’s journey, and how we can use these archetypes to find meaning within our lives.

Christopher Peruzzi is a published short story author and superhero blogger.  He has been an avid comic book reader for over forty years and would spend his very last dime to get his hands on something that Alan Moore has touched.  Chris is currently working on his first novel; a horror story based on the local myths and folklore of local shore legends.  He is a native of Monmouth County and lives in Freehold with his lovely wife, Sharon.

Reserve a spot by calling 732.610.9676 $20

Readings with Lisa
Feb 20, 1-5 PM 

Lisa began talking to the other side when she was nine years old, after her grandmother passed when. She started taking psychic development classes in 1999. In 2000 she began studying Shamanism, taking classes and workshops through various shamans. Lisa received the level of Reiki Master in 2004. She is a certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Ghost Hunter and Minister. She reads tarot and oracle cards with a blend of spirits, angels and guides.  $45 for a 30 min session.  732.571.5011

"Crystal Bowl Meditation"  
 with Carol Mason 
Feb 20  7-9 PM

The healing properties of sound and vibration have been used for thousands of years in the East. Quartz crystal music holds the vibration of white light which ultimately refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on our chakra's when played. It has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness and as our awareness expands, we grow close to our original selves and start to reflect the highest radiance in our physical form. Feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, etc. 

Please call 732.984.7184 for reservations... $10

Full Moon Ritual

Feb 21, 7-9 PM

We will gather in ritual to celebrate the Full Moon and our connection to All-That-Is. In this setting we will discuss this month’s Full Moon name and its history along and how our ancestors honored and celebrated this time of the month. We will commence for ritual and with the traditional “breaking of the bread” by sharing food, our thoughts and discussing our experiences. Please bring a small dish to share. Call for reservations, due to limited space 732.996.9603 Or 732.610.9676 
$10.00 includes materials

Visit Song of Avalon at www.songofavalon.vpweb.com

With Donna Russo
Feb 23,  1pm-5pm 

Have you ever wanted to see what your Soul was trying to show you?
Donna is a professional illustrator and intuitive who has been called to combine her gifts to be of guidance and healing to others. Starting with your birth date and a question for your Soul, we journey to your higher self. She then “talks” to your Soul (and possibly your Guide/Angel) and gets a “message” for you. She combines this message with a custom drawing of the vision she is shown, containing your Soul’s energy vibration. Illustrations are done on 11x14 bristol art board in professional colored pencil. A session takes approximately 1 hour. Each drawing is original and uniquely yours, containing your Soul’s energy. Cost: $70.00 per reading. Call (732) 571-5011 to RSVP your time slot. For more info about Donna visit: http://heartsoulintuitive.weebly.com/

"Open Medium Circle - Connecting with Spirit"
 Facilitated by Melanie McLean
Feb 23, 7-9 PM

Would you like to connect with your dearly departed Loved Ones, Guides, Guardians, or the Divine? In this Open Circle, Psychic Medium Melanie McLean will lead us in an evening of Connecting with Spirit. As Melanie surrenders to her Higher Power, she will  bring specific information that will heal, inspire and enlighten. Participants will be given the opportunity to share their own messages from Spirit! Whether you want to hear from your dearly departed or serve as a Medium / Channel for others, you are welcome! People at any level of of interest are encouraged to attend. You can sit in silence to receive a message, or be a vessel of empowerment for others! This event is about receiving love, power and peace of mind. Melanie's only requirement is that you come with an attitude of reverence, respect, and compassion. Bring a notepad, as valuable information may be conveyed by Spirit - you won't want to miss a minute of this unique evening!

Melanie is a Clairvoyant Medium, Tarot Reader and Reiki Practitioner. She believes her life's purpose is to bring loving guidance and joyful empowerment to others. While preparing for each reading, Melanie's prayer to Father/Mother God is "Use me." This act of surrender enables Melanie to give specific answers that are most needed. Her gift of connecting to Spirit, reunites clients with departed loved ones while helping them gain insight for joyful living. Melanie may connect with your dearly departed, your Spirit Guides, the Angelic Hosts and/or other Celestial Beings. Please call 7732-431-3544 for reservations. $25.00

"Holistic Drumming Circle"
with Carol & Bob Mason & Melanie McClean

Feb 25, 7-9PM

If you need to regroup, rewind, revive and relax, the Holistic Drumming Circle is for you! Everyone is welcome, no matter what your level of experience! This circle is holistic because it combines rhythmic drumming and journey work. We will begin by group drumming, creating a heartbeat, a rhythm to release all of life's stressors. We will raise the energy, then "journey" to spiritual realms of higher consciousness! This is achieved through the beat of the drum, a technique adapted from core Shamanistic practices of indigenous people throughout the world. Participants are encouraged to bring a Drum or Rattle (if you have one) and a pen and paper for you to record your "journey." You may also want to bring a pillow or mat, as we will be sitting on the floor. Chairs will also be provided for those who may prefer them. There will be an alter present as well, so feel free to bring your favorite stones, crystals, and/or other small items. The regular Practice of Drumming and journey work has helped many people to overcome heartache, to help erase emotional blocks and strengthen the body's ability to heal itself. It is a fun and exciting way to explore life, to meet new people and engage in self discovery! We hope you will come and be part of this exciting circle. 
Carol and Bob Mason are founders of "The Esoteric Realm" and are both certified Reiki Master/Teachers and are certified in Reiki Drumming. They are Crystal Healers and provide Crystal Bowl Meditations throughout Monmouth County, Ocean County and beyond. As a married couple of 30 years, they have devoted their life to the pursuit of the mystical, and metaphysical. They work to educate, heal and bring their wealth of knowledge to the community; their vision is to raise our vibration in harmony with each other They are motivated by love and their lives are truly an act of service to others. Melanie McLean is a natural born Medium, a Tarot Reader and a Reiki Master. She studied with the Michael Harner Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and with Celtic Shaman Tom Cowan. Melanie has served as a facilitator for her own Drumming Circles in Keyport, Freehold, and in her home. She has hosted drumming workshops at Turkey Swamp Park, Matawan, Freehold and the Pine Barrens. Academically, Melanie has presented Drumming as a "Therapeutic Tool for the Treatment of Addictions" during her studies at Brookdale Community College, and while interning at New Hope Foundation. While Melanie does not profess to be a Shaman, she feels that when we yield to Spirit with an intention of love and enlightenment, grace provides!. She believes her life’s purpose is to bring loving guidance and joyful empowerment to others. Her prayer to Father/Mother God is to “Use Me.” This act of surrender enables to Melanie to be a vessel of joy. Melanie encourages you to come participate and join her in life’s ongoing "journey" of enlightenment.
To reserve your spot in the Holistic Drumming Circle, please call Melanie at 732-431-3544. The cost is $25.

Reiki I
Feb 28, 9AM - 5PM

This class will teach you the history of Reiki. With this level you will be able to perform Reiki on yourself as well as friends and family. We will get a better understanding of the Chakras and their functions. You will receive two attunements, learn hand- positions on yourself for self-healing as well as others. Learn how to conduct a Reiki session and you will also be receiving Reiki energy. At the end of class you will receive a Reiki I certificate. Please bring a bag lunch. This is an all day intensive, so please wear comfortable clothing. Refreshments provided. $165.00 includes manual Call 732.571.5011 to reserve a spot! 

Open Forum
Feb 26 7-9

In this setting we will meet monthly as a group of like-minded people and discuss various subjects. Our topics are picked by the group as suggested by the group. At times we will have guest speakers and/ or presenters as we explore the many topics that peak our curiosity or just have us scratching our heads.  From the spiritual to the paranormal, from current world issues to possibilities of the future… no topic is off-limits as we explore these issues with community, laughter and an open mind. Please feel free to bring a small snack to share. FREE EVENT - BUT A LOVE DONATION TO UNITY HEALING HOUSE IS APPRECIATED! Call 732.571-5011 or find us on Meetup.com

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