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We here at U.H.H. have based our way of healing on the concept of community.  We, as a community, have the ability within each of us to heal ourselves and others with compassion, love, fellowship and acceptance… understanding that we each bring tremendous gifts to this planet; ourselves.  As unique and different as we are from each other, we are all the same, searching and longing for love, compassion, fellowship and acceptance. 

      Unity Healing House is a community of teachers and students who together in a combined effort, empower ourselves to reach our highest healing potential. Through classes, workshops and events such as Reiki, Drumming, Earth-Centered Rituals, Book Study, Healing Circles, Children’s Circles and much more!.. We empower ourselves with tools for healing on the physical and spiritual level.   
      When we come together as a community we channel our energy and raise our vibrations in magnitude. Therefore, creating a healing vortex where healing can reach levels of unimaginable heights.

Office Hours:
By Appointment Only
We are open for Special Events, Workshops, Reiki Classes & Private Reiki Sessions by reservation only.

"December Calendar"

"What God Said"    
facilitated by Nicholas Tummillo and Tracy Bennett  

Book Study                                              Every Sunday 11-1pm  
Come join us every Sunday at Unity Healing House
for Sunday Soul Enrichment!!!

Starting December 6 (and continuing through approximately May, 2015), we will be reading and discussing the book, "What God Said- The 25 Core lessons from Conversations with God".
Buying the book is not necessary but is always a nice addition to your personal spiritual growth library if you feel drawn to purchase it.

For those of you who have never been to the Unity Healing House, it is a quaint little place located in Long Branch with lots of parking across the street from the building and down the side streets.

We will be starting at 11 A.M. and ending at 1 P.M. (No worries if your a little late, just drop in.)

The cost? Love offerings.
All proceeds go to Unity Healing House so they can continue their mission to bring together, enrich, educate and awaken Souls through the diverse programs offered at their center.

Your Facilitators: Nick and Tracy
Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Nick has graciously volunteered to send out weekly reminders via Facebook.
Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to be added to the list.

Look forward to meeting everyone in November and discussing new ideas for Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment... 

Book Details:

God's number one message to the world: "You've got me all wrong"

Inspired by his nine-book "Conversations with God" series, many people have asked Neale Donald Walsch to find a way to deliver the most essential pieces of God's message to us in a more succinct way.

The concise text details and expands just what we need to know about life and how to live it. Bringing his many conversations over the years into sharper focus than ever before, Walsch in "What God Said" encourages readers to cast aside religious and cultural trappings. To experience life as fallible-and human-beings, open-minded, open-hearted, and all-embracing, and to build on, broaden and enrich our Ancient Story.

But to move forward on this ever-expanding and encompassing spiritual voyage means not only understanding what Walsch considers the most important insights of his Conversations with God, but also applying them in the most practical of ways. And so Walsch has included solid suggestions on how to apply each of the 25 core messages in daily life. Should humanity begin carrying these messages forward, starting today, we can change the world.

"StellaLu Yoga" with Erica Martino

Please bring a mat and wear comfortable clothing.
Please notify the instructor before class if you are pregnant.
 Please reserve early due to limited space 732-865-4800 or Erica.stackhouse@gmail.com- $15.00 per class
Find us on FACEBOOK “StellaLu Yoga at UHH”
Here are some of the great benefits of yoga:
1.      Increases flexibility
2.      Reduces stress
3.      Builds strength
4.      Creates muscle tone
5.      Prevents pain
6.      Improves posture
7.      Calms the mind
8.      Creates body awareness
9.      Promotes weight loss
10.    Promotes hormone balance
11.    Helps the immune system and circulatory system
12.    Helps depression
13.    Deepens the connection with your spirit
These are some things to know before you come to the studio
  • Please turn off or silence your phones at the studio.
  • Please do not apply perfume or lotions just prior to class. Some students have odor sensitivities and/or allergies.
  • If you are late; don't worry, just be as quiet as possible entering the room.
  • Avoid eating a big meal before class
  • We provide you with props (blocks, blankets, straps). No need to bring unless you prefer your own
  • There is no judgment; just have fun!
Yoga Class Descriptions
In all of these classes we will be working on pranayama techniques (breath work), asanas (postures), a form of meditation and our chakra's (the 7 main energy centers) within our body!
 Weekly event                              Every Monday (7-8:15 pm) 
Candlelight Yoga
               Escape from your day and enjoy the tranquility of Candlelight Yoga. Classes blend stretching and gentle vinyasa movement with a focus on relaxing into the deepest layers of the body to return us to a place of release, surrender and calm.
Weekly event                              Every Saturday (10-11 am) 
Power Hour
A practice that will strengthen your body, make you break a sweat, increase your flexibility, calm your mind and connect with your spirit. You will burn calories and nourish your spirit in this class!
Weekly event                             Every Wednesday (5-6 pm) 
 Yoga for Seniors 65+
Yoga for Seniors is a gentle class incorporating range of movement exercises, alignment, stretching, strengthening, awareness, breathing and relaxation to refresh, energize, improve posture, deepen breathing and improve sense of well-being. 

Weekly event                   Every Wednesday (6:30-7:45 pm) 
Gentle Vinyasa Yoga 
A practice we will flow through postures working on strengthening our bodies, increasing our flexibility, calming our minds and connecting with our higher spirit.  In these classes we will be focusing on creative flows, opening the body towards goal poses, and alignment.  

About Erica Martino

Erica has been practicing yoga for over seven years and has received her 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification in Padme Yoga at Blue Moon Yoga Studio, which includes the Hatha Yoga Style that stresses the importance of body, mind and spirit connection, and incorporates pranayama and the energy systems of the chakras. She teaches a gentle but challenging yoga style with true pureness, relaxation and spirituality! Erica truly believes that yoga is for everyone and everyBODY. She wants to share the gift of yoga to everyone in her path to remind people that we are all one with the universe- OM. Practicing yoga is a process, it's not about getting poses perfect it's about being sensitive to your body and being quiet enough to hear your inner voice and honoring your body at all times! Erica is also certified in Reiki I and is in the process of studying Reiki II to deepen her knowledge on the energy within the body so she can incorporate her Reiki into her yoga classes! Om Shanti!

"Tarot for Personal Growth"
with Sharon O'Brien

Workshop                                          December 2 (7-9)pm

Tarot Cards are a centuries old form of divination and tool for personal growth. These mysterious cards are fun and easy to learn! Join us for this workshop where you will learn about Tarot and how to read them for yourself and others. We will look at how these cards “speak” to each person and how to interpret them in a way meaningful to you in today’s world. For this class, we will be working with the commonly seen Rider Waite Tarot Deck - it would be helpful if you have this deck or one that is closely based on the Rider Waite. Have fun while we demystify the Tarot!

Please call 732.610.9676 for reservations.  $15.00 

"How To Create Your Own Herbal Pack"
   facilitated by Tanja Wampler
Workshop                                      December 4 (7-9)pm

 Tired of reaching for pharmaceuticals for what ails you? We will travel back in time and rediscover the healing properties of nature’s “medicine cabinet”. We will create our own Herbal Pack with a blend of herbs specific to an ache or ailment. An Herbal Pack made from soft fabric filled with nature’s medicine… such as Chamomile, Peppermint, Rosemary and many others, is what you will walk away with at the end of this class. We are returning to the Old Ways… the ways of our Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers. 
Please reserve early due to limited space, call 732.571.5011 or 732.996.9603 for your reservation. $25.00 all materials included.

"Crystal Bowl Meditation"  
 with Carol Mason 

   Weekly Event                                   December 6 (7-9)pm

The healing properties of sound and vibration have been used for thousands of years in the East. Quartz crystal music holds the vibration of white light which ultimately refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on our chakra's when played. It has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness and as our awareness expands, we grow close to our original selves and start to reflect the highest radiance in our physical form. Feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, etc. 
Please call 732.984.7184 for reservations... $10

"Reiki Share" 

Bi-monthly event                                   December 9 (7-9)pm 
All energy workers are welcome! Each Reiki Share includes discussion, meditation and giving-and-receiving of the energy. Please call 732.571.5011 or 732.996.9603.for reservations due to limited space.. $10

Numerology with Ken
with Ken Dawe  

Workshop                                             December 11 (7-9pm)

In this workshop we will go over a brief history of numerology and what numbers mean as well as calculate our very own numerology charts. Presentation of other such topics include: What are number sequences from our Spirit Guides? What are number sequences from our Angels? What are everyday number signs? What are Harmonic Numbers? What are numbers as they relate to Energy, Frequency and Form… Prepared to leave with a deeper understanding of how you relate to the universe and how you are always being guided.
Reserve early due to limited space, 7908.415.7796 $20.00

"The Stone People"
                                with Al Romao

Part 4 of 5 series                            December 12 (7-9)pm

In many Shamanic cultures, rocks and gemstones are used as healing objects for removing and receiving energy. These stones all have a spirit and connecting to the spirit of these stone people is very important within this work. In this experimental workshop, we will explore the different types of rocks and gemstones that can be used as tools for your personal practice and for healing! 
Please bring: A Rock or gemstone that is special to you, notebook &pen and something comfortable to sit/lay down on. 

Please reserve early due to limited space, 732.571.5011 or 732.996.9603                 $20.00

"Crystal Bowl Meditation"  
 with Carol Mason 

   Weekly Event                                   December 13 (7-9)pm

The healing properties of sound and vibration have been used for thousands of years in the East. Quartz crystal music holds the vibration of white light which ultimately refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on our chakra's when played. It has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness and as our awareness expands, we grow close to our original selves and start to reflect the highest radiance in our physical form. Feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, etc. 
Please call 732.984.7184 for reservations... $10

 "Craft of the Wise"
by Sharon O'Brien

 Workshop                                            December 14 (2-4)pm

The traditions of the Wise Woman/Man are found in mostly every culture. They date back through time to the earliest of our Ancestors. These practices are very much alive today in modern Pagans, Witches, Shamans, Energy Workers, and so on. This ongoing series of workshops will teach you the ways of the Wise Woman and the Hedgewitch. It will explore the spiritual aspects of Paganism and Witchcraft as well as practical applications. Learn about different Pagan traditions, rituals, energy work, god/desses, spells and much, much more. Tap into the Ways of the Wise!

Sharon has been practicing the Craft for many, many years. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, energy worker, spiritual adviser and intuitive reader, officiant (non denominational minister), pet communicator and a Certified Health Coach. She currently does Spiritual Life and Wellness coaching, intuitive readings for people and animals and she teaches workshops on varied topics. Sharon believes in the unity of mind, body, spirit and in the healing found in Nature. She works closely with Spirit and Nature. It is her life’s mission to help others develop harmony within themselves and with Spirit in whatever form they find meaningful. Visit her website at www.spiritlifebalance.com.

Please reserve early due to limited space, call 732.610.9676 introductory offer $15.00

"Open Medium Circle - Connecting with Spirit"
 Facilitate by Melanie McLean

 Monthly Event                                  December 16 (7-9pm)
Would you like to connect with your dearly departed Loved Ones, Guides, Guardians, or the Divine? In this Open Circle, Psychic Medium Melanie McLean will lead us in an evening of Connecting with Spirit. As Melanie surrenders to her Higher Power, she will  bring specific information that will heal, inspire and enlighten. Participants will be given the opportunity to share their own messages from Spirit! Whether you want to hear from your dearly departed or serve as a Medium / Channel for others, you are welcome! People at any level of of interest are encouraged to attend. You can sit in silence to receive a message, or be a vessel of empowerment for others! This event is about receiving love, power and peace of mind. Melanie's only requirement is that you come with an attitude of reverence, respect, and compassion. Bring a notepad, as valuable information may be conveyed by Spirit - you won't want to miss a minute of this unique evening!

Melanie is a Clairvoyant Medium, Tarot Reader and Reiki Practitioner. She believes her life's purpose is to bring loving guidance and joyful empowerment to others. While preparing for each reading, Melanie's prayer to Father/Mother God is "Use me." This act of surrender enables Melanie to give specific answers that are most needed. Her gift of connecting to Spirit, reunites clients with departed loved ones while helping them gain insight for joyful living. Melanie may connect with your dearly departed, your Spirit Guides, the Angelic Hosts and/or other Celestial Beings. 
Please call 732.431.3544 for reservations. $20.00

"Reiki Share" 

Bi-monthly event                                   December 18 (7-9)pm 
All energy workers are welcome! Each Reiki Share includes discussion, meditation and giving-and-receiving of the energy. Please call 732.571.5011 or 732.996.9603 for reservations due to limited space.. $10

"Winter Solstice Celebration"
Yule Ritual

 Event                                                December 19 (7-9)pm  

 The celebration of Yule (Winter Solstice) is deeply rooted in the cycle of the year and stems from the very ancient practice of honoring the return of the sun after the longest night of the year. A time of transformation. Join us this evening in ritual when we come together to celebrate and honor this special time of the year with each other. Please bring items of nature i.e. feathers, pine cones, holly, etc. to tie to Yule log as offerings. There will be items available!! Also you may bring a small dish to share at feast after ritual,cookies etc. 
Please call for reservations at 732.996.9603 or 732.571.5011.  ....$15.00 includes all materials

"Chakra Balancing"
with Carol and Bob Mason

Session                                             December 21 (7-9)pm

Relax and enjoy as we will cleanse and clear the Chakra. We will climb the Chakra ladder using color, chants, and the healing sounds of the Chrystal bowls.Feel balanced and refreshed, as your Chakra comes into alignment. 
Please reserve early due to limited space, 732.984.7184  $15.00

"Healing Rhythms"
with Al Romao

Monthly Event                                   December 30 (7-9) pm

Join us this evening as Al Romao graces us with his healing energy. When we as a community drum together, sharing our spirit in the form of rhythm, it changes our relationships for the positive. As we play together, we give ourselves an emotional release and healing.....you must have a drum or rattle to attend this healing circle. This event fills up quickly, please reserve early due to limited space 732.571.5011 or 732.996.9603   $10.00

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